1) Which of your current endeavors are you most passionate about? What is the biggest challenge you face?

At this time one answer addresses both questions – it’s all about breaking down the barriers to teaching, learning and research for our students around the world. The passion comes easy when you’re able to observe real time collaboration between people from around the world, brought together through technology and our R&E networks. Whether it’s elementary students sharing stories they’ve written about their home town with another classroom far away via a simple videoconference; or researchers mentoring students in scientific discovery through models specific to their discipline – it’s inspiring to see how far the technology has evolved in becoming a transparent structure that allows these activities to happen so easily.

2) Who inspires you these days?

Two individual communities with unique goals and responsibilities on their own, and at the same time who are profusely dependent on each other for a meeting these goals. First are those in the academic community who tirelessly envision and work to realize the full potential of combined and collaborative knowledge that happens when people from anywhere in the world work together to discover and solve real issues impacting all of us. And next are those who share this vision but instead work behind the scenes to develop and deliver network and technology applications that can make these collaborations a reality, providing tools that are common and pervasive across all user groups and communities.  Their collective efforts aimed at achieving a higher “common good” is always inspiring and motivating!

3) Imagine a world where you are unconstrained by bandwidth. How would it change what you do and the people you serve?

I think the vision for the current UCAN Initiative is on the radar of many in our community at this time and on mine as well. So in parallel to the results we envision for UCAN would be the ultimate connectivity available to all communities and populations regardless of their location. When we’re able to provide equitable and ubiquitous access to timely and vital information for all populations across academics, health, public safety, etc I believe we will have achieved significant progress in working toward this vision.

4) You are in an elevator. How would you describe what you do?

Together we work to promote and facilitate the use of resources available through our local, national and global research and education networks, opening access to research, teaching, learning and service for populations regardless of their location and socio-economic status.