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Fri, 04/12/2013 to Tue, 04/12/2016


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Project Overview

Join in building a social network for Wisconsin Fast Plants® -- share ideas & experiences with teachers & educators worldwide who use Fast Plants to bring science alive! Share Fast Plant data with high school and college students.

One dream that we have for the Fast Plant network is for it to become a place for sharing Fast Plant investigations on a scale that is hard to do in person. The wide range of experiments that teachers and students conduct with Fast Plants around the world are fascinating, and we have much to e-learn from each other through sharing our observations and data online. We hoped to see the network grow and eventually take shape as a place where data would be shared and investigations would take place among members. We hardly dared to imagine that we might see evidence-based conversations and sharing about science take place in the very first weeks of the network starting, but it has! We should have known it would be a natural for this quality of sharing to take place here--Wisconsin Fast Plant people are special . . . we enjoy science for the curiosity and pleasure of learning

Learning standards

In a system based on live organisms that is as rich as the many possible Fast Plant systems then any number of life science and inquiry standards can be met through an in-depth study of some particular aspect of the organisms or their interactions. More specifically, organism systems like this are particularly good at eliciting very real research questions from the students that are also answerable by the students.

Project goals

Facilitate active communication among educators and learners, sharing ideas and evidence-based discussions about learning through experiences with the model organisms, Fast Plants.


We work in partnership with the University of Wisconsin, Madison and Carolina Biological Supply Co. 



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