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Wed, 11/27/2013


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The Channel Islands Live Hike programs allow students to interact in real time with a park ranger from the remote landscapes of Anacapa Island, one of the five islands in Channel Islands National Park. Through our free interactive distance learning programs, students learn about the wildlife and human history that is unique to the Channel Islands. All Channel Islands Live Hike programs are standards-based and can be broadcast into your classroom through the use of videoconferencing equipment or free downloadable software. Program topics may vary upon request.


Live Hike programs topics


Channel Islands Live Hike: Island of the Blue Dolphins, Grades 4-6

Students discover Anacapa Island through an interactive, live visit with a park ranger and learn about the Channel Islands' tie to the book Island of the Blue Dolphins. They identify basic human needs and find out how these needs are met by people living on islands with fewer and less diversity of resources.


Channel Islands Live Hike: Chumash Indians on the Channel Islands, Grades 3-4

Early Island Chumash had the same basic needs we have today, yet provided for them in different ways. Students participate in a live, interactive visit with a park ranger on Anacapa Island to learn how humans use the natural resources around them to provide their basic needs. A program goal is for students to develop an appreciation and stewardship of the American Indian culture on the park islands while learning about their own connections to the past.


Channel Islands Live Hike: What's in Your Backpack, Park Ranger?, Grade 2

Students explore park ranger jobs through meeting a ranger in an interactive distance learning program. Students learn about job responsibilities by using objects from the ranger's backpack as discussion prompts. Program was specially developed for classes reading Exploring Parks with Ranger Dockett in their Houghton Mifflin Harcourt language arts textbook. Can be adapted for other grade levels.


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